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Relativism in Contemporary Christian Ethics


  1. Cultural Backgrounds of Ethical Relativism
    1. Relativity Theory in Physics
    2. Non-Euclidean Geometries
    3. Cultural Relativism
    4. Historical Criticism of the Bible
    5. Nonpropositional Revelation
    6. Existentialism
  2. Relativistic Method: Situation Ethics
    1. The Extrinsic Character of Value
    2. Love Alone as Normative
    3. The Nature of Love
    4. Consequences as the Justification of Moral Action
    5. Decision-Making as Situational
  3. Relativism Applied: Problem Issues
    1. Premarital and Extramarital Sex
    2. Homosexuality
    3. Abortion
  4. Critique of Relative Ethics
    1. The Positive Contributions of Situationism and Consequentialism
      1. Recognition of the Difficulty of Moral Decision-Making
      2. Acknowledgment of Life' Diversity
      3. Emphasis upon Faultiness of Some Human Statutes
      4. Centering of Ethics on Love
      5. Motivation Made Decisive
    2. Faults of Situationism and Cosequentialism
      1. Problems of Instability
      2. Problems of Description and Characterization
      3. Problems of Assessment of the Moral Predicament
  5. An Alternative Approach
    1. The Ontological Basis of Moral Judgments
    2. The Epistemology of Christian Ethics
    3. A Revised Classification of Ethical Methodologies
    4. The Status of Principles
    5. The Principal Route to Ethical Conclusions
    6. The Problem of Exceptions
    7. the Conflict of Norms
    8. The Nature of Rules
    9. The Doctrinal Context
    10. The Need of Law
    11. A Biblical Case
    12. Summary