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Does It Matter


  1. Does It Matter If God Exist ?

  2. Does It Matter What I Believe ?

  3. Does It Matter That I'm Saved ?

  4. Does It Matter How I Live ?

  1. Does It Matter If God Exist ?

    1. A Question Worth Asking

    2. Here Comes the Future

    3. Somebody Knows Your Name

    4. Is Anyone in Charge ?

    5. Something Does Not Move

    6. The Universe Right Side Up

    7. Have You Checked Your I.D. Lately ?

    8. Is That All There Is ?

    9. Strength Out of Weakness

    10. Will Evil Finally Win ?

    11. Give Me Library or Give Me Death !

    12. Getting out the Spot

    13. So What ?

  2. Does It Matter What I Believe ?

    1. Does It Matter What I Believe ?

    2. When All Else Fails, Read the Instruction Book

    3. Who's the Boss ?

    4. What's Going On Around Here ?

    5. Who Am I ?

    6. Whatever Became of Sin ?

    7. Jesus-God and Man

    8. Prophet and Priest and King

    9. The Least-Known Member of the Trinity

    10. So Great Salvation

    11. Chritianity in the Collective Form

    12. And Finally

    13. Epilog: The Difference Belief Makes

  3. Does It Matter That I'm Saved ?

    1. Who Am I ?

    2. An About-Face

    3. I'm Truly Sorry

    4. Believing Is Seeing

    5. Out of Debt

    6. Starting Life over Again

    7. Christ and the Christian, Incorporated

    8. You're in the Family Now

    9. There's a New You Coming

    10. The Good Life

    11. Long-Lasting Christianity

    12. The Best Is Yet to Come

  4. Does It Matter How I Live ?

    1. If the Gospel Is Simple, Why Is Godly Living So Hard ?

    2. When You Absolutely, Positively Have to Know You're Saved

    3. Getting to Know Your Best Friend Better

    4. How to Find Success in Your Prayer Life

    5. Resting Temptation Without Backing Down

    6. The Hidden Value of Doubt

    7. How to Know you Know God's Will

    8. How to be Confident You're Doing God's Will

    9. Giving to God-Many Happy Returns ?

    10. How to share Your Faith-Without the Butterflies

    11. God's Cure for Discouraged Hearts

    12. How to Live on Daily Rations, and Enjoy It

    13. How to Accept Being Rejected Teaching Suggestions