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Truth or Consequences

- the Promise & Peril of Postmodernism -


  1. Backgrounds to Postmodernism
    1. An Introduction to Postmodernism: Three Sketches
    2. Premodernism
    3. Nineteenth-Century Precursors to Postmodernism
    4. Twentieth-Century Transition to Postmodernism
  2. Major Intellectual Voices of Postmodernism
    1. Jacques Derrida
    2. Michel Foucault
    3. Richard Rorty
    4. Stanley Fish
  3. Evaluating Postmodernism
    1. Positive Evaluation of Postmodernism
    2. Negative Evaluation of Postmodernism
  4. Beyond Postmodernism
    1. The Nature of Truth
    2. Assessing the Truth
    3. The Christian Story as Metanarrative
    4. The Kingdom of God as Ultimate Community
    5. Making the Transition to Postpostmodernism